HELLO. Back from this year’s LCP, hanging out with the C64 elite boys, trying to be friends although everybody is just there to win the compos. Hehe. Lately (as in the last years) I haven’t really been up to the challenge of making those winning songs anymore. The tunes I make at demoparties are usually a bit weirder. So bare with me..

Goto80 – Ponky my C64-song, got #3 in the competition. It’s some kind of dub-blues-rock, or something? Made on a 6581 but sounds best on 8580. The C64-emulator VICE does a pretty good job with this. Or, you can check out the ultra-sloppy remixes: MP3#1 and MP3#2.

Made music for two Amiga releases: Otro’s announcement intro for Mazemod – which is an online Amiga radio channel. (not yet really online though, hehe) And yeah, also made a quick’n’dirty module for the new DUREX release: The Message.

Me and Frantik also did a live-set that might pop up online sooner than Pat Boone. Or Bryan Adams. In the meantime you should definitely check out this youtube-clip – recorded in the middle of the first night of LCP… while you were sleeping, losers! Goto80 + Frantik – Summer of 64

More about LCP here


Some pretty trashy uploads to internet2008.se:

Goto80 – Bull i Bit
Goto80 – Baggis (8kbps Doublespeed Error)
Goto80 – Fishbabe
Goto80 – Foros (Volume Rimixi)
Goto80 – g80raggatest1b