Academic Article on Text Graphics

A new issue of the academic journal WiderScreen was released today, and includes a text by me. The theme of the issue is text art, and my text takes a critical look at the terminology surrounding text graphics. In short, I look at ASCII, PETSCII, Unicode art and Shift-JIS and ask whether these encoding terms are the most relevant way to categorize them today.

Read the article: full article or my shorter comment on Chipflip.

There are some very good contributions by e.g Raquel Meyers, Tommy Musturi, Gleb Albert, Dan Farrimond, Markku Reunanen, Daniel Botz and many more. So you should check out the whole issue, if you’re into this texty stuff.

Article in WOZ

I have an article in the current issue of the Swiss weekly magazine WOZ. The theme of the issue is soundtracks and my article is about game composing in the 1980’s. About the low status of music in a young industry full of craziness, and how some groundworking soundtrack works came out of this.

But also about what happens when you can make music in a game, and when your music software becomes intelligent and can offer game-like aspects to composing. Who owns the music then?

The text is in German and it’s available online (behind a paywall for now).