Remix: Monster Zoku Onsomb – Frankin’Stein

The Australian super group Monster Zoku Onsomb are doing a remix project of their last album, Earth Eaters. My remix is a rather straight forward C64 rock-rave kind of song, and was published a few weeks ago: Frankin’Stein (Goto80 C64 Remax). Some other remix gems in there aswell, so check …. this … out!

Remix: Icarus – Second Inf(E)rænce

I have made a rather abstract C64+Gameboy-remix of a song by the IDM-experimental duo Icarus. It was released a week ago, and you can listen to and buy it at Boomkat. (note that the beep every 30 second is a Boomkat feature to interrupt the prelisten, but I thought it worked rather niceley – consider it a remix). Other artists included on the CD are for example Karsten Pflum, Badun, Frank Bretschneider, and Xela.

“There are more abstract pathways to be explored here, too. Swedish 8-bit artist Goto80’s radical reworking of Second Inf(E)rænce chops it into microscopic bursts and stutters of atonal sound on which he eventually lays down some beautiful descending bass tones.” / BBC

“insects burrowing underground, Goto80’s Second Inf(E)rænce mix is as obsessive in its approach as an Icarus original but ultimately of minor interest” textura

Marciano Sidoni samples Goto80

Ok, this video samples the music from HT Gold – the most complex reverse engineered c64 interactive glitch machinima game thing, with maximum playability! (hello buzz words) Autoboy did the programming and I made the music. It was exhibited in 6 meter format at the main square of Copenhagen, at mikrogalleriet, and at HAIP Festival. And now this guy samples the audio, without permission, without credit. I guess people don’t recognize it as music, and then my remark is a bit naggy-waggy. Indeed, we left some of the sound effects from the original game (ring modulated with the song) but most of the sounds that you can hear come from a song that plays linearly. And the sampled bits in the video are quite loooong. Well, the song is not CC’ed and maybe it’s not even eligable for copyright (as a non-fixed work), so.. yeah. It’s because of things like this that copyright could actually have some kind of practical purpose, somewhere behind the economism…

Link-rot: Lo-tech from Marciano Sidoni on Vimeo.

Secret Remixing

Thanks to Retarded Dance Squad I just found another remix of my old hit Fantasy. torrent It’s secret spasmatic breakbeats and mangled voices, even more so than the old remix by Nam Shub of Enki. That reminds me, the best remix is still lying around on a CD in Sweden and/or USA. Why do we always forget?

Hip Hop Sucks

Bud Melvin made a song called Hip Hop Sucks where he only uses samples from other chip people. He used my song Pappap for the chorus. (with super permission) It’s a nice n catchy anti-sampling hymn! Download

Je Mappelle Mads Greatest Hits

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Bilerne De Er Farlige (Goto80 remix)

Je Mappelle Mads and Bounty Niller, one of the greatest duos of all time, releases a greatest hits full with their flipped out baby penis pop. I’ve got a fonky remix on there, which has been around. Check out their myspace and try to find this, because it shouldn’t be missed. I promise!

Goto80 & Ace of Base through Jellica

Jellica, the bleep raver from the UK, is playing my song Ajvar Relish live and adding the vocals from Ace of Base’s song All That She Wants. Yeah, do you remember that hit from 1992 with that Swedish group with the nazi-past? Well, here is Jellica mixing it up live! Thanks for that. I guess. :)