So yeah, I quit Facebook. Just like I quit Myspace in 2007. I also quit the Swedish copyright collection society STIM this year. Just prepairing for the future…

I had music in three new C64-games, a movie, a short film, the best bear demo in the world, and some other demoscene thingies. Among them a music competition entry, which randomly played one of two songs (one good and one bad).

I wrote an academic paper on ASCII art together with A Bill Miller. Got my own teletext channel. Showed some art stuff. Trolled around a bit.

We performed The Ferret Show (video) together with Uwe Schenk and his band. The MP3-release was listed as one of the best of 2012. Other MP3-releases were my Devo remix, Curt Lazers’ neo-dansband, some lo-fi pop, ambient, acid, etc. Also made some secret releases only given to 1 person. First a minidisc sent to someone in Helsingborg, then a tomato-USB for someone in Malmö.

I wrote fewer posts for Chipflip, but put out two great releases instead: ??? and Omri Suleiman. More good stuff coming in 2013!

We started a Tumblr, posting a piece of text graphic everyday. It’s the only “curated” archive of text graphics that I know of.

Text graphics is sooo 2012/2013! Me and Raquel Meyers did the first ever 100% PETSCII performance. We used four C64s and did everything in text-mode. Because pixels are for losers!

Next year will start with a performance at Transmediale, using fax and teletext and C64 and so on. Should be good!