Goto80 – Cia Timing

Delicious cassette release by 555 Recordings who released some chip music back when nobody cared. Support! 32 tracks, 94 minutes! Cassette + art work! Artists: Akina Kawauchi, Ashtray Boy, School Of Two, Hulaboy, Saradon, Mia Schoen Group, Lazy Stripper, Bad Animal, Que Possum, Mytty Archer, Stick Insect, Shout The Tiger, Mint Car, Fellows, Like Chandeliers, The Faintest Ideas, Powerful Owl, Tracey Read, Arland Nicewander, The Cannanes, Dr Konig Arthus, Flywheel, Boyracer, Green Apple Sea, Goto80, The Hundred Thousand Fireflies, New Estate, The Young Untold, Forest Giants, The Declining Winter, Beatnik Filmstars, and The Grey Tapes.