New Video from Son Ionic

Two tracks from Son Ionic, a live C64 tesla coil performance by me and Josh Bailey recorded in New Zealand onto an SD-card that is now available on the tongue of a PETSCII monster on an A2 poster. Well yeah!

Get it before it gets you

Son Ionic

Me and Josh Bailey's live performance in New Zealand with his own tesla coil instrument Chime Red is out now on protoDATA as Son Ionic. It comes on an SD-card that sits on this amazing A2 PETSCII-poster by Tommi Musturi (aka Electric). The card contains all the songs as audio and video, as well as the C64 source files, and a small intro with the poster graphics animated.

Most of the songs have been released before, but have been remixed for this performance and to include Josh's tesla coil instrument Chime Red.

Electric C64 Night, Wellington, May 3

A set together with Josh Bailey and his Tesla Coil MIDI-instrument, Chime Red. Also featuring Anna Edgington on vocals. It's in Wellington at a secret location, so if you want to attend, please e-mail us.

The fantastic PETSCII-poster was made by Tommi Musturi (aka Electric in the C64-scene).

Hong Kong and New Zealand

Me and the robot will be in New Zealand 26 April to 8 May, and Hong Kong 9 May to 15 May. In New Zealand I will partner up with Josh Bailey and his excellent Tesla Coil synthesizer, Chime Red. So if you (or someone you know) wants to set something up, don't be shy.