As we all know, 2008 was a shit year. The only good thing that happened was me dressing up as a salad-man and being called the shadow. Oh, and the financial crisis of course. Anyway. Me and my partner in crime didn’t manage to fill up all 365 days at but of course we blame someone else for that. I did however put 182 songs there, although most of it under other names than Goto80. As you might have noted the quality control was not exactly cosmic all the time, but it was good enough for a shit year! Counting other releases (mp3-albums, collaborations, videos, games, compilations, demos) I got about 225 songs out in 2008. Yip yip yip. Years are numbers, and should be summarized in numbers. Here is another number: 59

As for 2009 I will stop aiming for high numbers. This is the dawn of the new beginning, booya. Expect some good ol’ quality releases again. I will also try to do more live shows than last year, so e-mail me when the cables are plugged in and you’re ready to rumble. My name is Goto Eightola. Nice to meet you. I Hope you like it.

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