When I was young, Goa trance was high on my hate list. The first time I played live solo, my prejudice was confirmed since I got thrown off stage by evil goa trancers from hell. Anyway. I still made some very silly goa music, because I thought it was so stupid. (and that makes me….?) So, a fresh batch of unimaginable goa trance, which ranges from slow fox goa trance to high speed data tekno goa trance. (?) I think I have an acapella goa trance amiga MOD somewhere aswell… (eek) More on internet

goto80 – goa
goto80 – datagoaskit2002
goto80 – happy goa boy
goto80 – goa (screw)

oh, and there is also some other stuff that might be worth checking:
wexi̦ crack crew Рdojo dunk (C64, C64, MIC, DELAY, REVERB) = soft space techno)
goto80 – frak (very good C64-game, blabla)