Summer is here, which means lots of data action!

Labelable has been launched, and it’s about inventing new music styles, free for download. These are some of the best inventions since trousers! Don’t miss it.

The HT-webpage is up again! HT is me and Greg and doing vocal micropop music, mostly active 1997-2004 but the future is bright! Although we have some international fans aswell, we’ll keep this in Swedish. Anyway, there are some new gems to download aswell, so go and get it.

The Superdöner webpage is also up again. Although not offering too much, it’s still nice to see it again. You need to get our new 7″ jam-packed with 7 songs of stunningly lo-fi catchy data punkrock! We’re in the jungle!

Also I’m probably travelling through Europe in August, doing some shows. If you have any ideas, let me know.