My master thesis Power Users and Retro Puppets – a critical study of the methods and motivations in chipmusic from 2010, is now available in Japanese. Thanks to Takashi Kawano for the mad effort!

The title pretty much says it all, but to clarify: it’s based on interviews with 10 people, and several years of research on the history of chipmusic. It’s, as far as I remember, a decent mix of critical theory, new materialism and even some discourse theory I suppose. While I wrote it, I basically made my living from doing chipmusic shows aswell. Pretty intense times…

Anyway. I might rewrite it into a more accessible and fun-to-read text some day. If you know a publisher who could be interested, let me know!

Btw, I like this thin that Takashi wrote in another blog post:

“I think that viznut, goto80, and others refuse to represent the scene, raise questions about such discourses, and also don’t let go of potentials of the scene and those prods in a consistent way. This is a quite difficult program, however, without it, they could not survive.”