I did two interviews recently, which made me think about old interviews I’ve made. Some quick searches made me realise how little of the old stuff is left out there in ze cyberspace. And here I thought that everything is accessible all the time on the internetz?! Hehe. Well, here’s some of the stuff I found:

Enough Records in May 2014. Music economy, netaudio, textmode and releases.

Illarterate, March 2014. Focus on text-mode graphics, especially teletext, and then talk about releases and stuff. And then that Wikipedia page..

Sentireascoltare, 2011. Well-researched interviews with me, 4mat and Pixelh8. In Italian. My answers here.

Plaza+, 2010. About chipmusic as genre & process, and how I relate to that. About immersion rather than appropriation. Some critical words on critical uses of technology.

Indiegames, 2010. With Raquel Meyers in Tokyo.

Scenesat radio, 2010. Mostly scene-related.

TCTD, June 2009 (part 2). History, demoscene, hardware, copyright, live performance…

Solipsistic nation radio, 2006.

Also some mentions:

HOLO 1, May 2014. This phat magazine have a feature on Raquel Meyers so lots of our work is shown and discussed. PETSCII, demos, teletext, motivations, etc.

Arnie Holder said: “For not-necessarily-music inspiration the work from Goto80, Nullsleep, Raquel Meyers, Jacob Remin, and all the projects and artists that surround them are the most fascinating art I’ve ever been exposed to. Cutting-edge got nothin’ on these peeps.”

A Swedish library magazine called Biblioteksbladet (since 1916, yo) mentioned my workshop on C64 music in its October issue. PDF It was in a tiny place called Eksjö, but managed to gather 25 youngsters to learn C64 defMON music!

Leonardo Electronic Almanac, Volume 19 Issue 3 featured an interview with Raquel Meyers about live visuals. She talked about some of the textmode performances and improvisations we’ve done together. Nice to see defMON and PETSCII in a place like that.