The demoscene was probably the first networked digital subculture for creative hackers, emerging in the mid 1980’s. I started the demoscene crew Hack n’ Trade when I was a kid, and I’ve continued doing that ever since. I also do research on the demoscene.

I’m also a member of Up Rough and I’ve worked together with groups like Triad, TBL, Fairlight and various more secretive constellations.

░ Diskography

A small selection of demos I’ve contributed to. More at Demozoo, CSDb & the blog.

In Memory of (Fairlight, C64, 2016)
Oso (HT, C64, 2012)
In the Name of the Sword (HT, C64, 2011)
Acid Burger (HT, C64, 2011)
New-D Slideshow by Otromatic (Amiga 2010)
My Beauty (Fairlight, C64, 2008)
Goa Brudbilder 1+ (HT, C64, 2008)
Deep Throat (Durex, C64, 2007)
Sharp (Fairlight & Instinct, C64, 2007)
10 Strong Years (HT, C64, 2007)
Emanation Machine (Fairlight, C64, 2003)
Demotronic (1.000.000 Boys, Gameboy, 2002)
Italo Megamix (C64, 2002)
GBG (Up Rough+TBL, Amiga, 2001)
Emission (Triad, C64, 2001)
Stag – Son of Stig (HT, C64, 2000)
Spice Up Your Life (Triad, C64, 1998)
Megademo 4 (HT, C64, 1997)
Megademo 3 (HT, C64, 1997)