The demoscene was probably the first networked digital subculture for creative hackers, emerging in the mid 1980’s. I got involved in the early 1990’s, and founded the group Hack n’ Trade when I was 13. It had a big influence on me, for better or for worse, and I haven’t really stopped since.

Apart from making demoscene productions I’ve been involved with demoparties such as Little Computer People and DATASTORM, and published texts and blog posts about the scene.

I’m a member of Up Rough and I’ve worked together with groups like Triad, TBL, Fairlight and various more secretive constellations.

░ Diskography

A small selection of demos I’ve contributed to. 
More available at Demozoo, CSDb & the blog.

Essentials (HT, C64, 2019). The idea was to break the concept of demos by including music programs and other utilities, combine it with unpolished and glitchy parts, and load them randomly.
In Memory of (Fairlight, C64, 2016). A melancholic presentation based on a true story of a person who is no longer with us.
Oso (HT, C64, 2012). The uncompromising PETSCII-bear.
In the Name of the Sword (HT, C64, 2011). Mega epic PETSCII hero story with swords and stuff.
Acid Burger (HT, C64, 2011). “Each frame a new shirt” – an acidic PETSCII-bomb.
New-D Slideshow by Otromatic (Amiga 2010). Oldschool yet fresh.
My Beauty (Fairlight, C64, 2008). Another melancholic collaboration with Hollowman.
Goa Brudbilder 1+ (HT, C64, 2008). Featuring HT’s ground breaking interlaced PETSCII graphics.
Deep Throat (Durex, C64, 2007). Streaming video from cassette.
Sharp (Fairlight & Instinct, C64, 2007). Following the classic demoscene style in a fresh way.
10 Strong Years (HT, C64, 2007). The delayed celebration that was based on the wrong date.
Emanation Machine (Fairlight, C64, 2003). Good acid, good fairlight.
Demotronic (1.000.000 Boys, Gameboy, 2002). Groundbreaking Gmaeboy demo with end music by me.
Italo Megamix (C64, 2002). In b4 the italo hype…
GBG (Up Rough+TBL, Amiga, 2001). Eye candy from the Amiga masters.
Emission (Triad, C64, 2001). A bit of a classic to me.
Stag – Son of Stig (HT, C64, 2000). An homage to the famous Stag XXX-series on the Amiga.
Spice Up Your Life (Triad, C64, 1998). My first collaboration with Triad that got me in trouble with their leader.
Megademo 4 (HT, C64, 1997). Classic and stupid and great.
Megademo 3 (HT, C64, 1997). Classic and stupid and greät.