Hey, public service radio P3! Next time you use my music in your stupid comedy programs, could you please give me credit for my work? Atleast when people e-mail you and ask who made the music. Ok? Ni e la för gooa, era svin.

And if rumours are true, that goes for MTV in Holland too. Varken. Looks like another jackpot for the über-organisations in the copyright/patent legal system, because I’m tired. Enjoy this instead:

Kembrew McLeod (academic intellectual property critic prankster)
Copyshop (“hey, can they really sell that?”)
Piratebay (“hey, can they really provide that?”)
Artliberated (liberate it now)
sCrAmBlEd?HaCkZ! (who’s got the copyright now, bitch?)
Polotalk (jossystem are my heroes in crime)