Quote 3

?”What is work, what is art, and what is value? As old fashioned as it might sound, quality matters to me. I’m fascinated with people who really learn how to master a tool. I am also fascinated by hopeless experiments and non-productive mistakes. I like being both master and slave, as you can see in projects like Dataslav, Custom8 and my from-scratch-improvisations.”

Quote 2

?”I think we can never completely understand what a piece of technology is or does. And I don’t think humans are in control of what we design. Even a very simple digital system is beyond our grasp. Having said that, technology that is clearly designed or destined to control, monopolize and manipulate should be treated accordingly.”

Quote 1

?”Some people call me a hacker, but I consider myself more like a Turing complete user. I just make stuff. Since we humans tend to think that we are more special than we are, I try not to do that. And this is one way. I don’t see it as if I’m inventing or creating new sounds with these machines, it’s more like I’m discovering them. They were always there.”