I don’t really work with broken things so much anymore. Still, there are times when everything seems broken. Whatever you try to do, there is a problem. Let’s see:

Both my speakers are cracked (now using in-flight “headphones”). The laptop screen is falling off. The cartridge port of the C64 is glitching. There’s the broken SID condom and the left side of the Amiga keyboard doesn’t work.

Obviously this isn’t very helpful. It’s the kind of basic functionalities that perhaps even most glitch/noise artists rely on. But I’ve realised that I always liked this chaos. It’s a kind of techno angst. You’re never safe!

Of course, the SID condom meant that I could bring the C64 into the most absurd electrical jungles. No AC/DC outbursts could touch me! Now I’m back in paranoia land.

This is either stupid lamer-lazy “punk posing” or healthy and genuine non-control. I just know that it’s a productive environment for me. Nothing works, everything is great. Over and out.