Yeah 2014 bla bla. Well, here’s what I was up to: Among the live performances I did, I played in Valencia for the final party of Europe in 8 Bits, in Manchester for the chipmusic festival Superbyte, in a bus parked in Gothenburg for Snel Hest, at Flogsta’s 10 year skweee anniversary, and I performed a live petscii-movie with Raquel Meyers for kids in Paris.

I’ve kept on doing (Tumblr, Twitter) together with Raquel Meyers, and we now have 2700+ posts with 5000+ images, and about 6000 followers and le Tumblr. Chipflip is also moving along with some pretty great new releases in 2014, and some new text material aswell.

Artwise, there were for example faxes, L0ve Byt3z, Kung Fu Glitch, HT Gold, and I made an art exhibition/performance at Bei Koc gallery in Hannover. I printed the song Linkan in 3 forms: as audio waveform, as the interface view of the program it was made in, and as RAM-data on a dot matrix printer. For the opening I made two very different jams with the song, which was recorded on two cassettes that I don’t know what happened to. So – this was all a small scale experiment about what music is, how it is represented, and how it’s distributed.

I presented the Custom8 project, where you can order your own custom album by me for 30 euros. And there was quite a response! Kept me busy for several weeks. The way I see it, is that I spend 1 hour going through thousands of my own songs to compile what you ask for. The way you see it, you are a happy consumer in the age of mass customization. Or something..

I released an album, more or less called Files in Space, that sold out in a week but is now available as cassettes or CD again. I played with obfuscation by replacing alphabetical letters with similar-looking Unicode characters, and also spammed the titles with diacritics, which led to problems for operating systems, music distributors and file systems. In other words – big success!

I had music featured in films, documentaries, and games. I released two mixes, and the one I did together with Divag was #1 at the IDM-charts at Mixcloud.

I’ve continued to make improvised C64-sets with the defMON tracker. I just start the computer and go. Without any preparations whatsoever, I make the instruments and the compositions on the fly. In 2014 I did it after screenings of movies about Aaron Schwartz and PiratbyrĂ„n at Doc Lounge, at the live coding after party for the FARM-workshop, and at the academic live composing event Friktion.

I made some Ascii graffiti and thought I was the first one to do so, only to find that a US startup made a similar thing just a few weeks before. Not sure they did it character-by-character though. But maybe nobody cares?

Yeah, and the 8-bit reggae book was released. I was interviewed for it and made a song for the book aswell.

Boink 14!