Goto80: Wet Pulse (Ageema Music Club MP3)

01 Bog i Bit
02 Foros
03 Billy's Boogie Beta
04 Zambie
05 Emanation Machine
06 Emanation Machine (Hard Dub)
07 Emanation Machine (Rivel Mix)

De nieuwe super release van Goto80 is eindelijk hier! This time a more soft style is on display for you. It's electronica beat house dub style available for free download over at the Ageema Music Club run by the data legend Mortimer Twang. Don't miss the nice remix by Rivel! Find the complete zip-archive somewhere and enjoy this surprisingly early release for April. (Update: ie May)

Update April 2017: Available on Bandcamp. + Ageema Music Club on (without the music)