Video: Late Morning Coffee Disco

Video by Fabio Dondero. Music taken from the new hot compact disc, CHERRY CD

Goto80: Cherry CD

01 Hey hey
02 Decibel detective
03 Makedir
04 Dirbird
05 Late morning coffee disco
06 Cable swingers
07 Aiw4x
08 Handouts
09 Zambie remix
10 Disco dengu
11 Retirementology
12 Bad television remix
13 Retirementology remix
14 Super poke remix

+ Videos: Retirementology by Raquel Meyers and Late Morning Coffee Disco by Fabio Dondero

After four years, here's my next CD-album. 14 songs and 2 videos, with PETSCII design by Raquel Meyers in a nice DIY-packaging. It has a remix by Herv, and my own remixes of Ugly Megan, Spookey Ruben and Mariah Carey. Released in Russia this weekend, but later available for 10 euros including shipping costs. Paypal me!. Perhaps you might be interested in an ACID BURGER or some t-shirts aswell.


Video by Fabio Dondero 2010. Song released as free MP3 in _2_4X4 and as super CD music on Lowbitfever. Made on Amigaaaaaaaaa!