Rough history:
1992-now: demoscene composer
1999-now: music performer
2005-now: artist
2008-now: published writer


GAME: Micomonocon – music game with Raquel Meyers and Jens Nirme for LA GameSpace

ART: Remote Control Music Studio – video of a teletext music software

ART: Dataslav – speed-composing music on demand for Dataslöjd

DEMOSCENE: 20 Years Is Nothing – text-based demo with typewriter animations.

ART: Computer Rooms – photo book for Click Festival

ART: Datagården – semi-ficitional teletext graveyard for Bonniers Konsthall

ART: * – music released in a hole in the wall of MOMI New York. DVD Dead Drop.

ART: Memoblast – fax performance with Jacob Sikker Remin and Raquel Meyers for Transmediale >

ART: Mind the Volcano – live performance with PETSCII and teletext visuals by Raquel Meyers for Transmediale


TEXT: Future Potentials for ASCII art – academic paper with A. Bill Miller for CAC3

ART: Text-Mode – tumblr-archive of ASCII art and text mosaics

MUSIC: The Ferret Show – audiovisual musical in text-mode, with Uwe Schenk’s jazz band


MUSIC: Cherry CD – music release in mail art style

ART: 2SLEEP1 – 66-minute text-mode ambience, fusing text-mode graphics with music interface


MUSIC: The Sallad Performance – on Swedish national TV, SVT Barnkanalen

TEXT: Power Users and Retro Puppets – master thesis about chipmusic praxis

ART: Datajam 2 – A/V performance with C64’s, etc. With Frantic, Jucke, Dino. Performed at Hacknights #2 (se). >


MUSIC: Dr. Chipmünster – troll video about the inventor of chipmusic

ART: Polybius – A/V performance with Raquel Meyers. Performed at Cimatics (be), MFRU (si), Mängupidu (ee), Plaza Plus (nl), Visual Berlin (de), Remake me High (sk)

MUSIC: Gotozilla – new soundtrack for Son of Godzilla (1967) for Sensurround

ART: Glitch Studies Manifesto – performance with Rosa Menkman at Montevideo

MUSIC: Artist in Residence at CEM – experimenting with modular synthesizers >

MUSIC: Come Together – song with video made on a BBS by Erik Nilsson for 8bitoperators


MUSIC: Acid Burger – music distributed in burgers

TEXT: Chipflip blog/label – 8-bit art and music criticism

MUSIC: Internet2008 blog/label – one song every day

MUSIC: Punk Potemkin – live soundtracking of Battleship Potemkin with Superdöner for Malmöfestivalen

GAME: HT Gold – ultra-glitched C64-game for Mikrogalleriet


AWARDS: ART: 44422435 To Nowhere w/ Entter, nominated for Best Experimental at Machinima Festival Europe 2007. Shown at FILE (br). >

AWARDS: One of three nominees for best all-time C64-composer, by Commodore Gaming (who owned the C= brand at the time)

MUSIC: One mini-album released every month

MUSIC: Labelable – inventing new music genres

DEMOSCENE: Deep Throat – movie streamed in real-time on C64, from cassette

MUSIC: Goto1993 – 50 minutes of music on one floppy disk


GAME: Porno Invaders – game with Shojono Tomo and Entter

ART: Data Jam – live audiovisual jamming with Up Rough

MUSIC: Gordon Strombola – troll performance at Microdisko Stockholm


MUSIC: European Tour with Role Model


MUSIC: Copyslave – MP3-release in 20kbps


MUSIC: Superdöner – kebab rock band, “8-bit punk”

DEMOSCENE: Demotronic – Gameboy demo


MUSIC: Papaya EP – 7″ vinyl with C64 schlager and dub

MUSIC: Live Gameboy music performance with Role Model


MUSIC: HT – pop-music group with Greger Eklund


DEMOSCENE: Founded Hack n’ Trade, a demoscene group