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Long bio/statement:

Goto80 is a Swedish old media artist and researcher who works with music and text. He was one of the pioneers of the new 8-bit music movement in the 1990s and now makes music for performances and records, games, demos, movies and art projects. His music is like a low-res explosion of styles, influenced by equal amounts of high-brow jazz IDM, silly pop culture, and happy computer violence. He’s been seen on childrens TV singing falsetto as a salad man, giving theoretical talks on 8-bit culture and creativity, performed a musical together with a jazz band, released music in cheese burgers, and opened the notorious art festival Transmediale with a fax performance. To name just a few things.

His work is often described as a “misuse of dead technologies” but he doesn’t agree with that. Goto80 prefers to see old technologies as very much alive. After all, they still work great unlike your 5-year-old smartphone. The symbiosis between user and 8-bit machine is like a leap into the unknown, while modern tools are often a straight path into the predictable. So he encourages to normalize the behaviour of the Turing complete user rather than that of the modern consumer. This attitude comes from a long schooling of creative hacking and free distribution in the 8-bit demoscene, and a strong interest in media materialism as developed in his master thesis on chipmusic.

Goto80 has an unhealthy obsession of doing things the wrong way. In the 1990’s he insisted on doing broken music for the perfectionist hacker demoscene. For his first solo live show at a local rave he was kicked off the stage. More recently he decided to quit Facebook as a sort of protest, despite proving to be a less smart move in many ways. He’s made several releases that are almost impossible to get hold of.

Goto80 has performed or exhibited at Transmediale, Tresor, Museum of the Moving Image, Blip Tokyo, Piksel Festival, Hultsfred Festival, SXSW and 200+ other places. His texts have been published at Ashgate, Rhizome and re:live. Some noteworthy projects include Computer Rooms (photo book, 2013), The Ferret Show (performance, 2012), Datagården (custom teletext graveyard, 2013), the text mode ambience of 2SLEEP1 (2011), the falsetto salad-rock TV-performance (2010) and the eatable Acid Burger (2008).