Polybius is a series of performances by Raquel Meyers and Goto80. The purpose of Polybius is to explode the links between fiction and reality by encouraging a loss of senses. It builds on the urban myth about an arcade game from the 1980s (Polybius) that created a sensory and cognitive deprivation in its users. By combining line vector aesthetics with video manipulation and 8-bit technology we want to induce feelings of apophenia, amnesia and panic.

Photos on this page Rosa Menkman.

Polybius was performed at
█ MFRU Festival of Computer Arts (Maribor, Slovenia, 2010)
█ Remake Me High (Bratislava, Slovakia, 2010)
█ Cinema Sõprus (Tallinn, Estonia, 2010)
█ PlazaPlus Festival (Eindhoven, Netherlands, 2010)
█ fh.meppen (Berlin, 2010)
█ Cimatics (Brussels, 2009)