Goto80 & PET.CORP is an audiovisual trio working with textmode graphics and chipmusic since 2018. They have developed a characteristic mix of playful and dense audiovisuals for performances, exhibitions and video. PET.CORP use their own visual system for the browser to make animated and scripted visuals based on Commodore 64 PETSCII.

PET.CORP consists of programmer and visualist Jambonbill, who has performed Gameboy music as Sidabitball for two decades, and Ailadi (illustrator, animator) who once exploded the internet with her daily PETSCII animations. Goto80 has been making experimental chipmusic since the 1990s and is an independent researcher of textmode graphics and low-tech subcultures.

We Call it SJ (2023)

Spaceblanket exhibition in Hong Kong (2019)

Computer Country (2019)

Do you like Brexit? (2023)

Shirbum, a shirt album (2019)


Performance at Pukkelpop, Belgium, 2023
Performance at SEC-T, Stockholm 2022
Shirbum, an album shirt, 2019
Exhibition at Spaceblanket, Hong Kong, 2019
Performance at Tiefengrund, Frankfurt, 2018