As you already noticed, if you were able to read it, internet2008 is the shit. As we all have read, music blogs is where all cool people hang out these days. Netlabels are so 2007! Anyway, here are the latest additions, arranged in nonormal order.

080810 (straight up electro stuff from my three day 808+c64 mission, which is yet to continue) bababy dubub (uncomfortably hi-tech dub, but still comfortably melodic) stag3 (fonky porn music, a cover of the legendary amiga mod by an unknown person) 80megamix (amiga megamix with cheesy 80s music, not sure if this was released before?) zomschky (old 2xC64 drum’n’bass recorded back in the days when i thought 128kbps MP3 was good enough to throw away the, cough, minidisc) raveboy sidplay (rave medley, you might have heard some of the stuff before?) surf-mob-spel (short surfy snippet for something that never happened, surf’s up, hang loose, blablabla) ac2t258kbps (the 8kbps is the message!) stag3remixremix (from the times of bad timestretching, a blast from the past, a glimpse into the future) carpentras-megamix-compressed (what, another medley, it might be getting ridiculous by now) intervju fuck up boogaloo (needs no explanation, or has none. not sure)