I don’t do many gigs these days but when I do I deliver only the freshest new styles. Teletext techno, monkey acid, turbo funk, megamix pop, vapor rave, etc. So don’t miss out! Photo above by Olia Lialina (iirc) from mine and Raquel’s gig in Stuttgart last year.

> 5 October, Malmö: Synth’n’Bit Party w/ Ras Bolding, Nordloef, Fastbom, Sarofer Zertaga

> 18 October, Berlin: Autumn Blips III w/ Rico Zerone, Pulselooper, STereochan, Trippy-H, Midi Man, irrlicht project, obasilakis, Mano Plizzi

> 9 November, Viiala: Zoo w/ VCS2600 and the whole Finnish C64-demoscene