There is a party this weekend about making as much as you can with as little as you have. Lovebyte is an online event with competitions such as pixel art in 256 pixels, intros in 256 bytes, or how about an intro in 8 bytes, or something else. If you think that can’t amount to much, have a look at the examples below.

There’s also seminars, talks and other things like DJs and live music. I will play an hour’s set on Sunday at 17 (UTC+1) using Renoise, defMON and Protracker. I’m trying to relate to the theme by using more randomization and less data in order to minimize resources. Let’s see. I’m pretty sure it’s not going to sound the way you expect (unless I changed your expectations just right by saying that?).

All this is streaming on le Tweetch. Find the link on their website.

Finally, here’s an old YouTube playlist I did with some examples of these almost empty computer files. Gotta love the irony of streaming it as video….