My new album is here: cйbзя tсaя. That means Cyber Tsar in … no language at all. But anyway – it’s a 61-minute CD put inside a 5.25″ floppy, designed by Raquel Meyers. It features some rare tracks released over the past years and plenty of new material.

You’ll get jazz, pop, electro, drum n’ bass and bass, rock, and breakcore as usual. This time there’s also more gloomy IDM-ambient stuff than usual. I’m actually quite pleased with it. I hope that’s a good sign. Come and get it!

01 Dialekto
02 Animal Romantics (Amiga version)
03 Mongoloid
04 Sombanova
05 Overdrive Scramble
06 Micomonocon
07 Polybius Dodidone
08 Robot Cheese
09 Luxus
10 Acid Booger
11 Dansa In
12 Oso
13 Varkex
14 Jamo Babbo
15 Echidna
16 Wersi Dub
17 Here Come the Swans
18 Gubbdata