I’ve played 200+ shows on five continents. At huge festivals, angry punk squats, and hush-hush art openings. Once I even played on children’s TV dressed in cabbage, singing in falsetto. But that’s a different story.

I usually do one of these performance types:

█ club shows with acid pop funk rave
█ improvised shows for listening
█ über-interactive Dataslav shows where the audience takes control

_ Recorded performances

Recent or upcoming shows

Bitgrid, Antwerp, April 1

I'm playing Bitgrid in Antwerp with Shirobon, Monodeer, Rymdkraft, Hexadeci, Mega Thrive, HavocCc, Jotie vs HIA, I am Legendary Robot and...

C64 Ambient For Datastorm Breakfast, Feb 11

I'll play some C64 ambient at Datastorm in Gothenburg on Saturday morning, as the poor demosceners are refuelling with breakfast. I will improvise from scratch with nothing but defMON and a delay pedal, and also over recordings of previous improvisations. I do the...